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Information Provided By Tom Martin

These photos and PDFs came from Tom Martin of Houston, TX.
Tom's father was Herschel Martin who flew in the 14th TC Squadron as the pilot of C-47 #42-92907.
On the D-Day mission Neptune-Boston, his dad flew Chalk #26 and Stan flew with William Hitztaler in Chalk #31.

The formation diagram for the D-Day mission shows him three rows in front and off to the left of Stan's plane. The parking diagram shows his plane "907" parked up from and to the right of Stan,
next to the end of runway 68-248.

Tom emailed:
"I have stood there. In 1976 after I got out of college, my dad took us all to England on a
"what I did during the war" tour. We spent a couple of days at Grantham,
and were taken around the airfield by an adjacent landowner named Sheardown."

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This photo of the officers and enlisted men of TC Squadron 14 was taken on April 25, 1944.

Another photo (same day) of most of the officers of TC Squadron 14. Stan is #7.

List of names downloaded from, courtesy of Tom Martin.
On the starboard wing (left side of photo) starting at the wingtip, ending at the fuselage:

 1. F/O Thomas M. Armstrong, glider pilot
 2. F/O Milton G. Bay, glider pilot
 3. Lt Robert J. Hall, glider engineering officer
 4. Lt James F. Shemas, S-2 officer
 5. F/O Lewis F. Anderson, glider pilot
 6. F/O William H. Collette, glider pilot
 7. Lt Stanley E. Edwards, pilot
 8. Lt William J. Metcalf, pilot
 9. Lt Howard T. Penn, glider operations officer
10. F/O Howard H. Breeden, glider pilot

Left to right across the top of the fuselage:

11. Lt Michael G. Wassil, pilot
11. Capt Jerry, dog
61. Nurse Genevieve C. Bielecki,
        Maj Lewis Frederick's girlfriend
12. Lt George A. Tovey, navigator

Left to right on the port wing, from the fuselage
to the wingtip:

13. Lt Berlon A. Roberts, pilot
14. F/O Lloyd J. Bloomstine, glider pilot
15. Lt Earl M. Sholly, pilot
16. Lt James E. Drake, pilot
17. Lt William N. Vann, pilot
18. Lt Patrick D. Hastings, pilot
19. F/O Albertto F. Perna, glider pilot
20. F/O John H. Lehni, glider pilot
21. Lt Joseph E. Vrabel, pilot
22. Capt John W. Hagey, pilot
23. Lt Russell E. Nelson, navigator

Standing on the ground, from the starboard wingtip
(left of photo) to the port wingtip:

24. Lt Thomas W. Main, pilot
25. Capt Gene F. Franscioni, pilot
26. Lt Charles L. Ward, S-4
27. Lt Milton S. Cohen, pilot
28. F/O Harold E. Abbott, glider pilot
29. Capt William L. Ream, pilot
30. Lt Ralph L. Pearson, pilot
31. Lt Aubrey G. Lyon, pilot
32. Capt Dr. John G. Ersfeld, flight surgeon
33. Capt Willard C. Boyer, exec officer
34. Maj Lewis S. Frederick,
       pilot and Squadron Commander
35. Capt Charles L. Harruff, pilot
36. Lt Charles E. Pitzer, pilot
*37. Lt Berlin I. Middlebrooks, pilot
38. Capt Wayne W. Linnemeier, pilot
39. Lt Charles E. Veith, navigator
40. Capt Mario A. Conetta, engineering officer
41. Lt Harold M. Lewis, S-4, mess and transportation
42. W/O George C. Cottle, tech inspector
43. Lt Claude W. Helwig, pilot
44. Lt Ralph A. Benson, navigator
45. Capt Charles Schafer, S-6 communications

* Last sighting of Stan's plane entering clouds
at 1°49'W 49°28'N, about 0220 6 June 1944,
was reported by 1st Lt. Berlin Middlebrooks who was flying on their left wing (#43-15609).
Kneeling on the ground, from the starboard wingtip
(left of photo) to the port wingtip:

46. F/O Alexander Barthule, glider pilot
47. Lt Jack N. Wood, pilot
*48. Lt John C. Thompson, pilot
49. F/O Frank G. Bingham, glider pilot
50. Lt Charles W. Adamson, pilot
51. Lt Norbert D. Moh, pilot
52. Lt Raymond E. Anderson, pilot
53. F/O James T. Connally, glider pilot
54. Lt William R. DeBord, pilot
55. Lt William S. "Scott" Lyon, navigator
56. Lt Herschel M. Martin, pilot, my dad
57. Lt Wallace E. Miller, pilot,
       best man at my parents' wedding
58. F/O William C. Weaver, glider pilot
59. Lt Ernest M. Martzen, pilot
60. F/O Idellus K. Dye glider pilot

* Lt. Thompson flew on Stan's right wing
(#43-15310) that night.

John Hendry's Escape
William Hitztaler's Escape

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